Our First Game of the Year

Last night was our first game of the year. This year it is especially exciting since we bought 11 games worth of tickets of our own and this was our first chance to sit in our seats. Although in the last row of one of the 200 sections at Staples Center, we have good site lines since we are at the corner of the rink. To make it better, the Kings skate twice towards us during the games as well as the overtimes and shoot-outs.

Pavol Demitra made the low scoring game memorable. He scored with under two minutes left. I like the looks of the standings right now with the Kings on top. Maybe it will look that in April.

The positives: a win, good seats, spent time with Annette, free T-Shirt
The negatives: flat Pepsi, almost missed third period because of the food stand worker

Maybe I’ll take a picture of our free shirts from last night.

Kings Win

So Thursday night was much better for the Kings. They beat Phoenix 3-2 and looked really good doing it. Our first game is tomorrow and we are looking forward to getting our Kings Rule t-shirts.

Kings Lose

Ok, what the hell happened last night? The Kings skate out to a 2-0 lead two minutes into the game and a 4-0 lead at the end of the first perion yet lose 5-4. Egads! I thought the Kings were going to be the new look Kings and win more handly since they acquired new talent. Let’s hope tonight’s game against the Coyotes turns out to be much, much better.

Go Kings Go!


So, tonight is the big night. After almost a year away, hockey is back with the Los Angeles Kings playing Dallas tonight in their road opener and against Gretzky’s Coyotoes tomorrow in the Staples Center. Annette and I have bought an 11 pack of tickets for the upcoming season, sitting in section 218, a little further back than we’ve had for the last two seasons. Of course, since we bought these tickets directly from the Kings rather than another season ticket holder, we’ll see more marquee games than we have in the past. We’ll see how the season shapes up but so far, I think that the Kings will be a playoff team this year. If not, Jeremy Roenick will entertain us.

Go Kings Go!

Fire in Oak Park

Fire in Oak Park
Fire in Oak Park

Here’s a picture of the fire in Oak Park, Californnia. This was shot behind my condo complex during the morning of September 29th.