Blues Gone

The Blues were the first team eliminated courtesy of the Canucks.    They were the team I wanted to do well in the west.  Oh, well.  Lets Go Penguins……

Vets and HIPAA

Has anyone every heard of vets having to comply with HIPAA?  My old vet claimed this and wouldn’t release records until I called them.  Hmmm….

One More Game

…and then I will be jonesing for my Kings Hockey fix.   At least I will have a couple of weeks of playoff hockey.

Hmmmm…..who to root for?  Probably the Blues and Penguins in the first round.  I’ll have to see who is around after that.

Oilers Eliminated by Kings

Kings 2-1 and eliminated the Oilers from the playoffs.  Even if the Kings aren’t going to make it, at least it was nice to eliminate an old rival from the playoffs.  The Oilers announcers were saying how the Kings, leading 2-1 going into the third, would be pooped out from playing the night before and that the Oilers would domindate the third and win.   Haha.  The Oilers did control 3/4 of the period but still couldn’t score.

It's Official

The Kings have been official eliminated from the playoffs.   It happened last night with a loss in Phoenix.   Strange thing is that the Kings were nibbling around the playoffs all year yet still have a shot at a top 5 pick.   How do you do that?