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25 Jul 2008 The Internet, 1977
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Kinda of a cool image from 1977 showing the Internet.

24 Jul 2008 Please Do This (Approved by Bob Barker)
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Bob Barker Would Approve

Bob Barker Would Approve

23 Jul 2008 Don't Taz Me Bro
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Seems that tasers aren’t as benign as people think. See this CBC article.

22 Jul 2008 Burning down the House
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Interesting article about hacking an internet connected coffee pot. I love the closing line about a hacker being able to turn on an internet connected oven and burning down the house.

21 Jul 2008 Blue Tooth Gun
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Here’s a guy with too much time on his hands and not enough common sense.

18 Jul 2008 Barack Humor
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Seems to be a dearth of Barack humor out there. The LA Times tried to address that in an article. My favorite part:

He’s effete. He’s well-dressed. He eats arugula — which he buys at Whole Foods. He mocks those who use guns. He is, as we mentioned, quite thin. He may only be half-black, but he’s three-quarters gay.

01 Jul 2008 30 Days
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More TV shows. Set your Tivo to record 30 days. By far the most interesting 60 minutes on television in my opinion.