Kings are Losing Ugly

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly. The Kings lost to the Ducks today 6-2 and it wasn’t even that close. And they lost on Thursday to Edmonton in a way that wasn’t as ugly but still was ugly.

There are two interesting stories from the games, one from Thursday’s game and one from today’s game. On Thursday’s game, Annette caught one of the tennis balls that the Kings Crew throws into the crowds. As a result, we won a two item dinner for one from Panda Express. Yes, only one. There was a bigger prize to be won. If the player whose number was on the ball you caught scored next, then you won the grand prize. Our ball had number 20 on it. Luc’s number. So, we were pretty excited. Luc’s been playing well and, as luck would have it, he scored next. We won the grand prize. What could it be? Kings stuff? A jersey? Nope, we won the panda in the picture.

For today’s game, the only redeeming part of the game was that Annette and I showed up early for the game and watched the warmups from next to the glass. We had made up a sign to have Luc sign our tickets from the 1/19 game. No such luck. We had a couple of other signs, one that said Welcome Back Eric, which was for Eric Belanger, who was playing again after missing a number of games. Standing next to us was a kid who was about 4 years old, maybe younger. Annette started talking to the kid and eventually, he was standing in front of her, next to me. Since we were standing in the photographers area, there is a small door, about the size of the puck, in the glass. Eric Belanger gave the kid a puck through the door for the kid. Way to go, Eric! So, we didn’t get out ticket signed by Luc but we did help a kid get a real NHL puck.

Is it just me or is this blog turning into a hockey blog?

One last thing. I’m looking forward to a good game on Monday by the Kings so they’ll beat the Ducks.

Is the Real Jimmy Buffett Dead?

Cruising google news for something to read, clicked on my personalized search for Jimmy Buffett news. I found some article that was reviewing the Cheese Burger in Paradise restraurants. I think that the real Jimmy Buffett is dead. Who is the real Jimmy Buffett? I’m not so sure but somewhere Jimmy Buffett changed from a promoter to some sort of PT Barnum for the overweight, middle-aged, white crowd who is desperately trying to cling to some sort of youth. It seems that everytime I see an article about him it seems that the fans have become more and more like tropical trekkies. Yes, I know the preferred terms trekker but I think Parrotheads are more like trekkies with more of a sex life.
From 1979 until 2000, I had faithfully gone to every Jimmy tour except for a acoustic tour that I think was called the Homecoming Tour in 1982. I was in college and couldn’t afford the ticket. Pity, since it was the only time that he has toured mostly acoustic. Anyway, something has changed. Maybe it is me since I’m now over 40 years old but I frankly don’t remember all of the conformist at the concerts that I see today. For most of the concerts I went to see, the crowd was mixed. There were guys dressed up in tropical gear, bbqers, and others. The parties were somewhat spontaneous and definitely cheap. Usually just steaks on a grill with some beer. Now, the tailgate is rather extensive with as much money spent on the booze and food than I used to make in a week during the 1990’s. I don’t get it. I still like the music but the fans are nuts.
On to more important things. 🙂 I’m off to the Kings game tonight. God, I hope they can win. They’ve looked crappy in losing 3 of the last 4 games. They need the two points. Go Kings Go!

Stupid Calls

So, there are so many types of stupid calls. Calls from insurance guys trying to upsell you. Calls from the newspaper trying to get you to subscribe. Then there’s conference calls at work. I’m on this call, have added one thing, and I am stuck here at lunch. I guess it is ok since I’m on mute right now.

More Kings news: They lost badly to the Ducks. F*&^ I hate the Ducks. I did have an open mind about the Ducks but during their first home game, Disney decided to do a holiday on ice thing with Disney characters. Very not hockey like. Thus, the start of my hatred for the Ducks.

Overall, It's Ok

So, overall, life is ok. One of the things I’m interested in doing in restoring vintage streamline passenger cars. Yesterday, I spent a little time doing this and not getting much done. It seems I was moving a bit slow. Maybe it was all the talking I was doing. Anyway, I did volunteer work and that’s what counts.

The Kings continue to do well. Although they lost last night, they’ve won 10 of their last 12 and are still perched in 1st place. Cool. Go Kings Go.

Waiting for my neice to meet me this morning. I’m helping her study high school biology. Should be interesting to see how much I can help.