Penguins Down 0-1

It is finally Stanley Cup.  My Kings didn’t make it but at least he Penguins, my second favorite team, made it.  Unfortunately, they lost tonight and only have until tomorrow at 5p PDT to regroup.   Hopefully, they can steal tomorrows game and go back to Pittsburgh tied 1-1.

iPhone Application Programming

Long time, no posts.  So tonight I will probably post twice.

First, lets talk about iPhone programming.  There is a revolution going on right now on your phone.  Blackberries, iPhone, and Nokia phones are all offering stores that have applications that run on the phone and perform some particular task for the phone user.   I’ve worked with the Eclipse/Blackberry environment and I was less than impressed.   The packages available for the phone seemed to be basic packages and all the repeative tasks, such as event controlling, was left to the programmer to complete.

Apple through its iPhone library seems to have a much better interface for writing applications quickly.   Right now, I’m audit Stanford CSEE 193P class to learn how to program the iPhone.  I’m impressed.  The framework has taken care of most of the difficult tasks and leaves the programmer to programing the business logic for the application.   Sweet.

Anyway, exciting stuff with more later.

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The have been intersting so far.  Sharks gone.   All series tied at 2-2 in the second round except Boston and Carolina with Carolina ahead 3-1.  The Redwings looked good last night.  Let’s hope the can eliminate the Ducks.