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30 Nov 2008 Kings Win Kings Win
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The Kings beat the Blackhawks and are hanging around the bottom of the playoff picture.  WIth 23 points in 22 games they are just barely over .500 but that is only 1 point out of a playoff spot.

The schedule is front loaded with home games but the team played well in Edmonton (2-1 win) after getting their butts handed to them in Calgary (6-2 loss).

28 Nov 2008 Tioga
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Unfortunately, we had to euthanasia Tioga, our kitty with cancer today.  She was doing very well for a number of months but then just went down hill in less than a week.   I was with her when she passed and she purred until the very end.   She was 13 years old and will be missed.

Tioga on the Staircase

Tioga on the Staircase

25 Nov 2008 Top 10 Signs You Drank Too Much
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Enough said here.

24 Nov 2008 Boyle and Me
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Forgot to post the picture of Boyle and me together.

Boyle and Me

Boyle and Me

24 Nov 2008 Meet the Players
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The Kings held their annual Meet the Players day.  Annette and I went out there and meet two players, Patrick O’Sulivan and Brian Boyle.   Boyle was extremely engaging after the first few minutes.  I’m not sure he knew what to expect.   By the time I got to talk to him, he was friendly, signed my jersey, and chat for a couple of seconds.  I now have his Manchester jersey *minors* signed.

Since Annette was already in line for Sully, I ended up waiting at the front of the line.   I happen to strike up a conversation with Sully’s girlfriend.  Very nice woman and Sully will be lucky if she says yes when he proposes.   They’ve known each other since they were 16 years old!   I asked her what was different about Patrick in NHL v juniors she said that he was known as Hat Trick Patrick in juniors while in NHL he plays more defensively.

Overall, a very good day.

21 Nov 2008 Alex Ovechin and the Kings
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We went to the game last night.  Prior to the game Alex O. had been my favorite player.  After watching him dishing out questionable hits last night including one hit to the head on Dustin Brown I’m reconsidering.

Thankfully, neither player was hurt and the Kings won.   The Kings are playing .500 and are keeping themselves in the middle of the pack.  With the front loaded home schedule, it is hard to tell how the team will play in March with just a handful of home games.   For now, one game at a time.

19 Nov 2008 World Toliet Day
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Rejoice. Celebrate. Today is world Toliet Day.   Check it out at the LA Times site.

17 Nov 2008 Kings v. Ducks

The Kings went to Anaheim and lost 2-0 to the Ducks.  SInce I was at the Last Comic Standing World Tour, I tivoed the game and watched some of it but not all of it.  It seemed to be another good effort but they couldn’t score.  I don’t thing the Kings could score in a cat house right now.

Alex O. and the Capitals will be in town on Thursday.  Looking forward to seeing my favorite player in person ofr the first time.  Hope Alex gets a hatter and the Kings score a 4-3 win.

15 Nov 2008 Random Thoughts
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We went to the kings-preds game tonight.  Kings outplayed the Preds but lost 3-1.  Brownie scored an own goal at the end with the open net…

Kings still looked good and I take hope from that…

LA is still on fire…

I was in a car accident on Wednesday and my ribs still hurt from the experience.  How long before the pain goes away…

Tomorrow we are off to the finals of the “Last Comic Standing” in Palmdale if we can get there….

Maybe this is the week I find a job…

15 Nov 2008 Fire Everywhere
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Sylmar is on fire.   New fire in the O.C.  The only thing that saves my house is that a fire has occured last month between us and the fire.  WTF?  Thoughts to everyone affected.

Here’s a picture from last night from the LA Times.

Fire in Sylmar

Fire in Sylmar