Vancouver and Vancouver

After last night’s slightly disappointing 2-1 OTL to San Jose, the Kings take on the Canucks here in LA.  It is Canadian Night, also, which basically means some Canadian stuff and a concert after the game from the Tragically Hip.   If the Kings win tonight, they tie for the best October point total in franchise history.

The other story of the day is that I bought Canucks-Kings tickets for Vancouver when I’m up there visiting my Aunt.   Wifey, Aunt, Uncle, and Sister will all be going, too.  Upper deck seats in Vancouver = Lower Bowl seats in LA.  Yikes.  Canucks are like the Lakers here without the 15 championships.

As A Kings Fan…

…nothing is better than watching Hazy cry about a Ducks 6-2 loss to the previously winless Toronto Maple Leafs.   Tivo’ed the game and fast forwarded to all the good spots.  Of course, reffing, which was tilted, was to blame.

…and nothing is better than a Kings win on Sunday over the Blue Jackets.   Let’s see how Wednesday and Thursday go.

Kings Beat Desert Dogs

Kings went on a short road trip to Phoenix. A strong game and a win later they are on the plane back to LA. Tomorrow, the Kings take on the Blue Jackets, who beat the Ducks tonight. Overall, a good night for me.

Kings Beat Dallas Again

A beautiful 4-1 blowout was turned into a 5-4 OT win against the Stars.  How do the Kings do it?  Revert to old form, that’s how.  Here’s to a win tonight in Phoenix.

Kings Win!

but the Dodgers lose.  Oh, well, I would rather have the Kings win at this point in my life.  Defeated Dallas 4-1 with a solid road performance.   Thursday against Dallas at the Staples Center.  First regular season game for us since we were out of town.

Loss to CBJ

Another game, another loss. The strange thing about this road trip is a win tomorrow at Dallas and the Kings have a 3-3 road trip. At the beginning, this would have been considered pretty good. After the first two wins, people became to optimistic.


Tonight, the Rags

The Kings are going to faceoff against the NY Rangers. Since both teams are riding win streaks (4 and 5 game), this should be a good test of the Kings mettle. I predict a 3-2 SO win for the Kings.

As of Now….

Western Conference
Team GP Pts
1. * LA 5 8
2. * Calgary 5 8
3. * Columbus 4 6
4. Colorado 5 7
5. San Jose 5 6
6. Chicago 4 5
7. Edmonton 4 5
8. Dallas 4 5
9. Anaheim 5 5
10. Nashville 3 4
11. Phoenix 4 4
12. St. Louis 4 4
13. Detroit 4 4
14. Vancouver 5 4
15. Minnesota 4 2
* = Division Leader