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13 Jan 2009 Indian Summer?
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What do you call it when it is 84 degrees out and it is January 13th?  You call it Southern California and love every minute of it if you live here.   Windows and doors are open and the birds are singing, the cats are mellow, and the squirrels are happy.   This makes the 50 MPH gusts yesterday bearable.

07 Jan 2009 Why I Hate Speeding Cameras
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So far, I’ve avoided speeding cameras.  Here’s an article on why I think that they are wrong.   I love the fact that high school kids hacked the system and showed it foolishness.

06 Jan 2009 Go Kings Go
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Kings are hanging around for a playoff spot, just 4 to 6 points out.   Now, they need to make a run and can start with back-to-back wins against the Ducks.


06 Jan 2009 Market for DDs Shrinking
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The market for breast enlargements is shrink.  Really.  Check it out here.