Season Done?

The Kings, from what I could tell from the radio and the print accounts, stunk up the ice last night. With 11 games to go, losing a game last night to a team directly above you and in the last playoff spot is unforgivable. The Kings play Edmonton and Calgary in Canada. These are must wins. Hell, all the games might be must wins. No wins, no playoffs.

Let’s Go Kings!

Two Loses in a Row

Everything that goes up, must come down……

The Kings are still holding on to a playoff spot but they have lost the last two games and haven’t looked good doing it. They also seem to get one player (Demitra) back and lose two others (Belanger and Conroy). I’m optimostic and have bought playoff tickets but is this a good bet? I don’t know but I hope that the Kings win.

Nice Rebound

So, the Kings recovered from their loss in Detroit with an overtime win over the Blues. While the Blues are not playing well this season, of late they were 8-2-2 prior to the game with the Kings. This was an essential win and the Kings now reside in 6th place in the Western Conference. Go Kings Go!!!

Kings Lose =(

All good things must come to an end. Tonight, the Kings lost to the Red Wings for the 4 time this year. Man, that sucks. Hope we don’t meet them in the playoffs.

3 in a Row

Last night was the first Kings game since the Olympic break. The Kings look a little disarrayed but somehow managed to pull off a 3-2 win over the Minnesota Wild. The Kings keep surprising me by scoring late goals to win or scoring lots of goals to win. Its now 3 in a row after the horrible losing streak before the break. The Wild are one of the teams behind the Kings so it was a good win for the playoff hunt. Now, if the Wild can beat the Ducks tonight, then life will be good.

1 Day to Go

So, the Olympics are now over, the USA did not invoke the memories of Lake Placid or even Salt Lake City, and the Kings had two injuries, Frolov who might be out for the year, and Demitra, who is out at least a game. Boy, this stinks.

The first game is tomorrow and we have tickets. Woo-hoo! Here’s to a Kings win……