Tired of the same old search page? Want something tailor just for you? Go to iGoogle and find the ways the you can customize your own google search page. On my search page, I have Kings news, Dodgers news, my horoscope, and scopes.com. Good stuff.

W Quotes

Not too many days left in the GW Bush presidency but the quotes from his presidency will live on forever at chimpomatic. Use chimpomatic to put quotes on your igoogle page, myspace page, or iphone.

Railfan Site

One of the biggest railfan sites on the internet is train orders. Train geeks and other semi-normal people gather here to discuss the latest in trains and the history of trains. Look for me there under the pseudonym of robm.


The Car Talk puzzler is online with the question and the answer. So, when you need something to tickle your brain, jump over to the tap it brothers site. The site requires speakers to listen to the answers.

Phallus Museum

If you ever go to Iceland, you must check out the Phallus Museum. A collection that start with a simple bull penis has grown to over 200 examples from over 90 species. Strangely, one of the missing ones is human. The museum has 4 potential human phallus donors lined up and is waiting for one of them to die. I think the short days made someone go crazy.

Leo Laporte

On Saturdays and Sundays in LA, and on XM Radio, there is a guy named Leo Laporte on the air. His website is for Tech Guy Labs. The show is podcasted after airing on the weekends and the answers to the callers is summarized on the website. This is one of the few tech shows that isn’t insulting or too geeky and it covers all electronics, such as TVs and cell phones.