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27 Jun 2006 Demitra Gone…..
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Demitra is gone after one season. I like his style of play but he seemed a bit too fragile. I couldn’t picture Demitra leading the Kings to the Stanley Cup. So, the Kings got a kid named O’Sullivan back, who was the AHL rookie of the year. Supposedly he is NHL ready. We’ll see in September how he does. So far, it is wait and see with the Kings.

21 Jun 2006 Canes Raise the Cup
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So, the season is officially over. The Canes won the cup. Now, since it is the first day of summer, I guess it is on to other activities, at least for a few months. Then, back to hockey.

I do have my Edmonton Oilers Western Conference Champs hat to wear to Ducks games to piss off the fans. I wonder if they will get it?

13 Jun 2006 Oilers Loss
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Oilers lost last night. So, it appears that the hockey season is over. Dang. I still watch the rest of the series but it appears as if the ‘Canes will be winning. Blech!

13 Jun 2006 Oilers Still Have a Chance?
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The Oilers won at home and are down 2-1. A win tonight makes this an interesting series. A loss tonight and I’m looking forward to September 23rd in Las Vegas.

06 Jun 2006 Rolly Gone
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The Oilers may have lost game, set, and match last night. Roloson was hurt and left the game. The replacement goalie played a puck badly behind the net with less than a minute to go in a tie game. This is going to be interesting. Conklin has play 18 games this year and has played no time during the playoffs. Oh, well, I still want the Oilers to win and this is only the first game.

02 Jun 2006 Go Oilers Go
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Dang. I was hoping the Sabres would get into the finals. Instead, Carolina got in. I think I don’t like this because I have a real problem with the newbie teams winning before the Kings. I think that fans should suffer before winning. In some ways, I think the Kings might be the Cubs of hockey.