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30 Sep 2009 Oh Atlanta
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So, we are off the Atlanta for the Association for Play Therapy conference. Colin is coming with and we should get some more pictures of him in unusual places. I need to publish some of those.

We are in a holding pattern for the Kings regular season. We are missing a couple of games and will have to catching them on the road. Anyone know where a good hockey bar is in Atlanta?

I’m hoping that we can find the game somewhere.

29 Sep 2009 The Season Begins
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Pre-season games done and Frozen Fury XII a distance winning memory. Oct 3rd is the start of the new season and the Kings look good. Very good.

11 Sep 2009 And So It Begins
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Yesterday, we took the day off and went down to the Toyota Sports Center to watch the Kings Rookies and the Coyotes Rookies battle in a game. The Kings won 4-0 (they lost 6-1 the day before). This is a sort pre-pre-season game. Schenn did well, scoring twice, and setting his teammates on a couple of neat passes.

Tuesday is the first game with veterans at the Staples Center. Go Kings!