Oh Atlanta

So, we are off the Atlanta for the Association for Play Therapy conference. Colin is coming with and we should get some more pictures of him in unusual places. I need to publish some of those.

We are in a holding pattern for the Kings regular season. We are missing a couple of games and will have to catching them on the road. Anyone know where a good hockey bar is in Atlanta?

I’m hoping that we can find the game somewhere.

The Season Begins

Pre-season games done and Frozen Fury XII a distance winning memory. Oct 3rd is the start of the new season and the Kings look good. Very good.

And So It Begins

Yesterday, we took the day off and went down to the Toyota Sports Center to watch the Kings Rookies and the Coyotes Rookies battle in a game. The Kings won 4-0 (they lost 6-1 the day before). This is a sort pre-pre-season game. Schenn did well, scoring twice, and setting his teammates on a couple of neat passes.

Tuesday is the first game with veterans at the Staples Center. Go Kings!