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30 Jun 2008 I Survived a Japanese Gameshow
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This is the weirdest show I’ve seen in a while but I liked the first episode. Checkout the website for the show.

27 Jun 2008 Eagles Band Info
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Check out Eagles Fans for the latest on the Eagles music band. With the new album out, there is plenty of news and talk.

Btw, today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me!!!!

26 Jun 2008 Ice Roads
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One winter on a trip to Yellowknife in the NWT I rode in a school bus on an ice road. I think that is why I like Ice Road Truckers on history channel. Follow the boys adventures in the Arctic north as they deliver supplies on road of frozen water.

25 Jun 2008 My Cat Did Time
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If you have a rescue cat or dog and you’re proud, see rescues rule website for some shirts or bumper stickers. Poorly designed site but cute concept.

24 Jun 2008 How to Clean Stuff
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Not that I normally clean stuff but here’s a site on how to clean normal things. Ignore the weird stuff on the opening webpage and search for your normal cleaning dilemma.

23 Jun 2008 Changing Times: Los Angeles in Photographs, 1920-1990
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An interesting website containing historical images of LA. Here’s how they describe themselves:

From Raymond Chandler’s hardboiled gumshoes to the decline and fall of the city’s streetcar system, the City of Angels underwent a dramatic transformation from 1920 to 1990. This remarkable digital archive offered by the UCLA Charles E. Young Research Library Department of Special Collections brings together over 5700 photographs from that period. Culled from the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Daily News photographic archives of 3 million photographs, this collection covers topics that include religion, popular culture, urban development, law enforcement, and the entertainment industry. Visitors can browse through a list of subjects or search for specific items of interest by keyword. To get started, visitors may wish to search for “Bud Abbott”, “Oil Wells”, and “Urban renewal”.

19 Jun 2008 Jamaican Dog Sled Team
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It appears that the Jamaicans, with the help of Jimmy Buffett, have start a dog sled team. Following in the footsteps of the bobsled team, the dogsled team has a site and a movie. No snow, no problem mon.

18 Jun 2008 Radio Margarittaville
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If you need a Jimmy Buffett fix, try using Radio Margaritaville to fill your jones. It features a large dose of Jimmy and a smaller dose of the music that influenced him. Good stuff and good times.

17 Jun 2008 Origami Ceiling Cat
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Go ahead and make your own origami ceiling cat by following these instructions.

16 Jun 2008 Obama Smears
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Want to find out if that Obama smear is true? Don’t listen to radio on the right and want to hear the newest Obama rumors? Head on over to the Obama’s campaign smear fighting site for the rebuttals to the smears.