Looking Good

So, last night the Kings beat the Rangers, a team on a roll and a playoff team last year, fairly easily. Might’ve been a fluke but it seems that “playing hard” is more than just the lame slogan this year but might actually work as a team philosophy. I haven’t watched the game yet (tivo’ed it last night) but I’m going to tonight.

Next up, the Penguins, which, after the Ducks, might be the sorriest name for a hockey (or another sport) team.

24 Days In

How did I get 24 days into the hockey season and not have a post yet? The easy answer that most people would say that I didn’t post because the Kings haven’t played well. Or, in the words of Annette, they’re stinking up the place.

I guess part of the reason I didn’t blog is because I don’t quite know where to put this season yet. Last season, with the fast start and good players, it was easy to have sugarplum visions of playoff prowess. This season, it is hard to imagine that Anze Kopitar and Patrick O’Sullivan are the savoirs to lead the Kings to the playoffs. So, where does the season go from here? I hope upwards. After watching some very disappointing hockey against the Wings and the Ducks, the Kings seemed to have found some footing for this season. Sure, they lost Saturday, but there was something about the game that gives me hope. First, the Kings had played Columbus the night before and were on the last game of the road trip. Last year’s team would’ve called it in and headed home for the next couple of games. Last night, the Kings played hard and almost won. Now, almost winning is not a desired result unless the Kings want a top 5 pick but the game from start to finish was good. Blake played like he should. The Kings crashed the net. The Kings took bodies the entire game.

The Kings are now 3-8-2 and I’m hoping this beginning is the bad streak that all teams endure at some point in the season. The Ducks sucked through November last year and made it to the conference finals. Maybe the Kings can do the same thing. We’ll see.

Game On

So tonight’s the night, hope it will be alright…. or something like that. First game with the formerly Might Ducks now just Ducks. As I read, the Ducks have reduced the stupidest name in sports by 50%. The only name that might be as weird as the Ducks is the Penguins.

Go Kings Go!

If It's October….

…..it must be time to start the hockey season. Last night, the new NHL season started with three games. I watched two of them on Tivo (which makes the games much shorter) and cheered when Buffalo won and booed when Dallas won. Overall, the games were fun to watch since they count now. The only thing that was missing were the Kings.