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29 Jul 2006 Boring Friday Afternoon
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Just a quick note before I leave work……

I think the heat of the last few days and my lack of a/c at home have taught me that being cool is the best thing for sleep. I’ve struggled the last two weeks without a/c and finally installed one last night after my wife stopped at home depot and picked one up. Last night was a frosty, lovely slumber.

22 Jul 2006 Disturbing Non-Hockey Item
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Ok, I created a profile for my wife’s cat Shaney on catster. So far, he has more hits than my myspace profile. I am depressed.

Interesting how active the catster people are in comparison.

07 Jul 2006 Big Changes
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Big changes are taking place for the Kings. Trades, UFA signs, and qualifying offers. Cloutier from Vancouver to be the #1 goalie, Blake for defense again, O’Sullivan in the Demitra trade, Thorton and McCauley. I think the Kings are become the Los Angeles Sharnucks with all the former Canucks and Sharks on the roster and behind the bench. If they win, who cares?