Boring Friday Afternoon

Just a quick note before I leave work……

I think the heat of the last few days and my lack of a/c at home have taught me that being cool is the best thing for sleep. I’ve struggled the last two weeks without a/c and finally installed one last night after my wife stopped at home depot and picked one up. Last night was a frosty, lovely slumber.

Disturbing Non-Hockey Item

Ok, I created a profile for my wife’s cat Shaney on catster. So far, he has more hits than my myspace profile. I am depressed.

Interesting how active the catster people are in comparison.

Big Changes

Big changes are taking place for the Kings. Trades, UFA signs, and qualifying offers. Cloutier from Vancouver to be the #1 goalie, Blake for defense again, O’Sullivan in the Demitra trade, Thorton and McCauley. I think the Kings are become the Los Angeles Sharnucks with all the former Canucks and Sharks on the roster and behind the bench. If they win, who cares?