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27 Dec 2008 Mets acquire Putz
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Excuse me?  What does this headline: Mets acquire Putz in 3-team, 12-player deal
mean to most people?  Maybe I know too much Yiddish.   I wonder if the headline writer knows Yiddish, too?

19 Dec 2008 Kings v. Buffalo
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So the Kings are shuffling off to Buffalo.   The Kings are only 3-6-0 on the road and need to pick it up.  They are one point out of the 8th spot so a win, even in OT/SO, will be great.   Go Kings Go

17 Dec 2008 Kings
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How about that?  The Kings are sticking around for the playoff race and current cling lightly to the 8th and final place with 4 other teams.   The Kings played an impressive game against San Jose but lost in the SO.  Wins against Wild and a few other teams were good.  Let’s hope for a win against the Rangers tonight.

Go Kings Go.

17 Dec 2008 People with Little Common Sense
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Ok, it might be funny if you named your cat looked like Adolph Hitler and you named him such.  Or just submitted his picture to a website that collects Cats that Look Like Hitler.  But to name your child Adolph Hitler Campbell?  At least sister JoycleLynn has a normal firstname.

My question is what kids of mixed race went to this party?  I call BS on this statement.

05 Dec 2008 Just in Time for Christmas
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…the Knee Defender.  “The Knee Defender helps you stop reclining airplane seatbacks so your knees won’t have to.”

A cool little gadget for someone who flies frequently.

04 Dec 2008 Threat of Punishment Works, Study Suggests
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Interesting article in yahoo about freeloaders.   Maybe this has practical application in your family or friends?

“The threat of punishment actually does stamp out freeloaders, tending to transform them into rule-following members of a society, a new study suggests.”

Read more here.

02 Dec 2008 Nature Fights Back
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Deer hunting season opened this week and already we have nature fighting back.  Read all about it at the Salt Lake City Tribune.

02 Dec 2008 More Random Thoughts
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The Kings lost last night but played well for 56 minutes.  Two penalties in 4 minutes killed them…

I’d like to do a PhD in regards to game theory and efficient markets.   Anyone know where I could do this?…

Life without Tioga is ok but I still miss her…

Annette is signing her lease for full-time today…

Tuesday is always noisy at my house with the trashmen coming by…