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26 Mar 2009 Winter turns to Spring
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Well, the Kings aren’t mathematically eliminated but they are all but eliminated.   At least they weren’t out of it in December this year.  Wait ’til next year!

I’m still enjoying the games and will be sad come April 11th.

18 Mar 2009 EDD California – EPIC Fail
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EDD sucks.  I have a $2500 adjudicance against the EDD and can’t get through to them.  Too many people.  Just put me in a queue for an hour and I’d be happy.  I’ve called these assholes 400 times today with speed dial.

I might lose my mind.  See this site for some humorous info.

13 Mar 2009 Kings Lose…
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They didn’t look too good tonight but the Canucks are a hard team to play.   It is still a long shot but at least the game on Monday will be meaningful.

Tonight, Colin went with me to the convalescence  hospital where my dad is a resident.  He went into the hospital about a month ago and is not doing well.  Colin did lick the face of a 106 year old woman.   It made her happy.  Nothing makes my dad happy nowadays.  Too sad.

11 Mar 2009 Still Playing Meaniful Games
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Somehow, the Kings are into March and playing meaningful games.  4 points out of a playoff spot.  I’m not sure they will make it but it is sure fun to watch.

Go Kings Go

02 Mar 2009 Another Rainy Day
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Another day of rain in Los Angeles.  I’m not sure why we are having so many cloudy days but it does make LA seem more like Seattle.

Kings lost again and are slipping away from a playoff spot.  They better start playing well.