More Pictures from Las Vegas

Annette with Craig Conroy
Annette with Craig Conroy

So, here are a few more pictures from Las Vegas. First up, Annette with Craig Conroy. Craig is the happiest person in hockey, maybe the world. As I said before, he was in the moment for the 15 seconds he was with Annette.

Fro and Annette
Fro and Annette

Second up is a picture of Annette with Alexander Frolov. Frolov has this great expression on his face. It is like a canary in a coalmine type look. I would love to know what he was thinking.

Cammy and Annette
Cammy and Annette

Next Michael Cammalleri. I guess I stunned both of them when I took the picture. It seems that neither is smiling. I think when I took this picture, Annette didn’t know where I was and both spun around I snapped the picture.

Sean and Annette
Sean and Annette

Last picture here but the first taken was of Sean Avery. Both Annette and I like Sean as a player. He’s hard working, a little brash, and talks a bit of trash. When he was interacting with us, and anyone else, he didn’t smile. He seemed very focused on something else. Maybe he just got chewed out by the coach.

All in all, a good hour or so of talking to some of our favorite players. I think one of the reasons I like hockey is that the players are very friendly, at least in LA. Edmonton or Vancouver might be another story since the sport is much more popular in Canada.

Eric and Timmah Gone

Both Eric Belanger and Tim Gleason were traded today to Carolina for a stud prospect (Jack Johnson) and a defenseman that I can’t remember his name. Wow. In some ways, I’m not surprised but it sad to see them go. Both were very friendly players. Strangely, these were two of the players Annette had here picture taken with on Saturday.

So, in honor of these two, here are there pictures with Annette. First is a slightly out of focus picture of Tim and Annette. I think the camera was fooled by the corner of the wall behind. The second picture is of Eric B. bending over to make sure that Annette was in the picture.

Frozen Fury 9

Finally, Frozen Fury 9 has come and gone. Now, I’m anxious for the real season to start!

During the weekend, we were able to get down to the MGM Grand Arena and wait outside for the players to come out after the morning skate. We didn’t have a Sharpie (bad planning) but we did have our small digital camera. As a result, I took Annette’s picture with Craig Conroy, Alexander Frolov, Tim Gleason, Sean Avery, and Eric Belanger. Rob Blake and Mattias Norstrom walked by but we didn’t get their picture. A few of interesting things about the experience. First, every player was gracious and friendly. No one was turned down for an autograph or picture. Second, Avery walked out with Norstrom and Blake. It seems that Avery now has two dads since the Kings have purposely put avery between Blake and Norstrom in the locker room. Maybe Avery will avoid the controversy this year and just play hard. Third, Craig Conroy has to be the happiest and niciest of all the Kings. He was all smiles for hte picture and really seemed in the moment. By this, I mean that for the 15 seconds or so it took to take the picture, he seemed focused on what Annette was saying. Annette commented that he had healed up nicely from last season. He understood what she was saying and said it was a rough two weeks for him. Annette was refering to the weeks when Conroy had taken a couple of pucks off the face and had a bloody/bruised eye last year and looked very scary. Lastly, it was strange when a couple players came out and no one recornized them. One of them was Sopel who was only on the team for the last 20 games last season. Overall, the players were fantastic. I wonder if baseball, football, or basketball players would be so gracious or even have the time. I’ll post a couple of the pictures later.

The MGM Grand, where the game was and where we stayed, was unusually expensive. Maybe it is just me but when I go to Las Vegas, I expect my food to be cheap. The buffet at the Grand was $21 a person on Saturday and the coffee shop had $12 entrees for breakfast. At home, I can get breakfast for less than $10. Nathans hotdogs cost us $20 for a fast food dinner. Next time, I’m staying downtown. =)

The gambling in Vegas was horrible. We lost lots of money on video poker, craps and slots. Fortunately, we made some of back on a good streak at Blackjack on the way out of town at Whiskey Pete’s.

My Monday Nights

How did this happen? On Mondays, I now create things like this flower arrangement instead of watching Monday Night Football. What a long strange trip its been. I guess that once you are married, you do things with your wife (or husband) that you wouldn’t have done otherwise. For me, it is taking a flower class at the local junior college. Annette loves flowers. Last year, I discovered that we could take classes about floral design and we signed up for a class. What I thought was a one-time class has now turned into a second class. If I’m not careful, I will amassed enough units for a Floral Design and Management associates degree. Armed with this degree, I could work in a flower shop or start my own business in floral arranging. Ok, maybe I won’t do that but I can help Annette out with any flower business that comes our way.

Game On

Thank god that the Kings camp opened today. I’ve been Jonesing for hockey every since the Stanley Cup was hoisted in NC a few months ago. 9 Days until our Frozen Fury game and 3 or so weeks until the Kings opener in Anaheim on October 6th.

Here’s to a good Kings season.

I'm Not Drunk, Your Honor

Las Vegas is a town known for its drinking but this might be a little too much. In court this week, a man appeared drunk in court. What is most unusual about this case is that it was one of the lawyers. The Las Vegas Journal has the full report. I guess in Las Vegas you need to give your lawyer a field sobriety test prior to giving him a retainer.


So, while my wife’s car was in the shop for two days, I ended up driving a Hertz rental car. One of the gadgets that this car had was a GPS map. This toy would give you driving directions to whatever address that you programmed in. For the first few hours, I was typing in my destination even if I knew the way to the location. Then, I had an inspiration. I could use the previous renters destination that was stored in the GPS as my own. Today, I spent the entire day driving to Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles but never getting there. The GPS became very annoyed with me whenever I missed one of my turns. In fact, at one point, in a fit of frustration, it demand that I enter my destination. I think this was because I had entered my work parking lot and it was obvious to the GPS I had no intention of going to Roscoes. Oh, well, maybe another day.

Frozen Fury in Las Vegas is only 11 days away. Go Kings Go!


So, it has been a long summer without hockey. A couple of weeks ago I order our 12 game pack for the Kings and we’ll probably pick up another 8 or so games. We already have the Luuuuuuc retirement game so we are at 13. What is interesting in looking at the schedule is that there are only 5 games that weren’t on the schedule last year, Philly, NYI, NYR, New Jersey, and Pittsburgh. Our package has opening night and the Penguins game. So, I’m happy. Let someone else have the other games.

We are thinking of travelling to Anaheim for the opening of the season on October 6th for a Duck Roast. The Kings fans have a somewhat bad rep with the Ducks fans when we go down there. I think its because Ducks fans are not too rabid during the regular season. In fact, during the playoff runs recently the fans seem to be quiet until the second or third round. I frankly hate the Ducks but it has to do with the Disney connection. Their very first home game was when I started hating them when the trotted out Disney on Ice to perform. Blech! I want more hockey, less other crap including Kingston and Wild Wing.