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20 Feb 2006 10 Days to Go
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Life is a bit dull without some Kings games to go to see. Only 10 more days until the Kings are playing the Wild. 22 games to go to the playoffs for the Kings. Go Kings Go.

14 Feb 2006 The Kings own Dallas
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Somehow, after falling behind 5-2 after two periods, the Kings managed to come back and win. Wow! What a game. Now, it is 17 or so days without Kings hockey. I will be watching the Olympics for the next two weeks. Here’s hoping that Team USA does well.

12 Feb 2006 Go Kings Go (Win 2 in a Row)
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So, the Kings finally won one yesterday against the Blackhawks. This allowed them to put 2 more points (for a total of 4) between themselves and the Mighty Ducks. We are going to the game today and I’m hoping that the Kings will win two in a row. Maybe today we can get a puck for Annette. =)

That’s it. Ta-ta….

11 Feb 2006 Kings Only 2 Points Up
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Ok, the Kings are now only 2 points up on the Ducks. The Kings better win tomorrow. Go Kings Go! Go Kings Go! Go Kings Go! Go Kings Go! Go Kings Go! Go Kings Go!

09 Feb 2006 Kings Lose Again
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7 in a row. The Ducks are closing. The Sharks are closing. My god, what is happening.

03 Feb 2006 Morgan Stanley Sucks
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Ok, I’ve had accounts at Morgan Stanley for the last 3 or 4 years. When I moved my accounts over to a new broker, I was charged $85 account closing charge for each of my 3 accounts. Ouch. Makes me want to go back to MSDW.