200 Post and Last Day of Feb

….and the Kings are still in the hunt.  I don’t hold out much hope but it is nice to have to scoreboard watch and fifure out who to root for and who to root against.  In fact, I rooted for the Ducks today to win in regulation since they were playing Dallas and we have 3 in hand against the Ducks.  Strange how things work out.


For some reason, on letsgokings.com, when the Kings win 4 in a row, it is peanut butter and jelly time.   Kings beat the Isles for the fourth and try for five tomorrow agains the Flames.  Nice.  This is becoming a good season to watch.

Kings Win

For only the fourth time this year, the Capitals lost at home to the Kings, 5-4.   This puts the Kings 3 points out of the final playoff spot in the Western Conference.    This is the first time in 3 years that the Kings at 21-20-7 have a winning record in February.   Wow!

To make my day complete, the Ducks lost, still have 55 points, are only 8 points ahead of the Kings and the Kings have 5 games in hand.

Still Going Strong

The Kings are still going strong.  4 wins and an OTL in the last 7 games.  One game stolen in Montreal that I was extremely pissed about.  It is nice to be pissed about a loss in January.  Maybe we can have some important games in April.

The Kings are still having fire sale prices and the Governator is talking about raising the taxes on hockey tickets from 0 to 10.25%.  With that tax, I will be watching a lot of games from home.